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Rasmussen poll showing that just 34% of Americans feel that we should pass healthcare reform.  Clearly, the democratic senators do NOT care about the will of the voters. These senators think they know what’s best for we American Citizens, rather than we citizens ourselves.  They are ignoring our voices!  They do NOT CARE of the people who elected them.  They do not care of the  consequences of this bureaucratic nightmare, that is SOCIALIST in all aspects. They care about POWER and CONTROL over our lives.  Olympia Snowe is now saying that there is no need to rush this bill through by Christmas.  Is she pimping herself out like Mary Landrieu, and Ben Nelson did? Nothing surprises me anymore.

Rise up America. Hold true to America’s virtue. Wear your patriotism PROUDLY and speak your contempt for this assault on our freedom LOUDLY!

God Bless America!

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