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Better Late Than Never..Here’s the Yorba Linda Tax Day Tea Party Photos!

I attended the Tax Day Tea Party in Yorba Linda on April 15, 2010! It was my first Tea Party of many more to come.

Living here in California, I often times feel disenchanted with our political majority being liberal, progressive, eco-nuts.  I feel I do not belong here, do not fit in, or not surrounded with like-minded conservatives.  That couldn’t be further from the truth, as there were a great many patriots that took to the city hall in Yorba Linda, on April 15th!  I felt so proud to be an American, let alone an American Patriot, living in Southern California!!!  To witness good American Citizens, coming out to support our country’s foundational values, and express their outrage at the sheer LACK of respect that is being portrayed & perpetrated by the Obama Administration & his cohorts in congress & the senate, was an AWESOME feeling to say the least.  Gathering with my fellow countrymen, who want  to preserve our freedoms, as outlined in the US Constitution, was an amazing feeling and sight to witness.  I have renewed hope for my State, that it IS possible that we take our State & Country back from the grasp of reckless spending and policy… but it will take our voices, our hearts & minds to let it be heard LOUDLY, CLEARLY & PROUDLY that socialism will NOT STAND.  We must remain vociferous, vigilant, relentless and resolved in our quest to restore dignity and respect to our Republic!!

God Bless America!

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