Hey..It’s Me…Kim Marie…

Well, It’s been a while since I have posted on my blog.  Here we are coming up on the 2012 election! So much has happened within the past   3 years, and I along with countless other Americans have been blogging our hearts out across the web, exposing the lies & assault that our nation has endured under the Obama Administration.  We have spent countless hours posting articles, informing the uninformed, the ill-informed and the misinformed about the lies & hypocrisy coming out of Washington.  We are at a very critical time in our history where our very freedoms hinge on this election.  Obama said it himself to Medvedev “I’ll have more flexibility after my election”! WHAT?!? Well I pray that he’ll show off his flexibility while he’s searching for a new job come November! I have decided to put more effort into my  blogging page along with facebook & twitter for this election season, being a more vocal activist for America’s restoration.  Let’s get America back on track!

4 comments on “Hey..It’s Me…Kim Marie…

  1. Welcome back. Now get blogging! The commies are counting on you not to.

  2. Glad you are back ! keep up the good work!

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