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Does Barack & His Teleprompter Have Alzheimers?

Pretty much everything that comes out of Barack’s mouth is the same old tired BS, out of the same old tired, dem playbook…BUT to utter the SAME EXACT SPEECH he gave a year ago, that is really, REALLY bad.  Imagine if a conservative did this? The leftists would be firing off their vile criticisms & insults.  The MSM would have a field day, reporting NON STOP how idiotic we are, how uninspiring, pathetic and incompetent.  Well, Obama has gaffe after gaffe and they of course are SILENT!  57 States, Corpse-Man, speaking Austrian, Ihhalator..err Breathylizer, Cinco de Quatro? Oracle Orator? I think not.

One comment on “Does Barack & His Teleprompter Have Alzheimers?

  1. No, he’s just an asshat who thinks, “It worked once on these idiots, it’ll work again.”

    And you know what? It just might.

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