Democrats War on Moms: “She Has Never Worked A Day in Her Life”??? Ann Romney Raised 5 Kids.. I Guess That Was Someone Elses Job?

The left insistently charge that Conservatives are anti women and are waging a war against them. Really now? Let’s take a quick  look at the asininity coming out of his administration (aside from the fact that women get paid less than men in the Obama Administration)! Ann Romney is being attacked.  They charge that she has “Never worked a day in her life”?? Ok, so raising 5 children isn’t considered work?  People that raise other people’s children is a job, but MOTHERS RAISING THEIR OWN CHILD OR CHILDREN ISN’T?? BS! Raising children is one of the hardest jobs in the world, and I being a Stay At Home Mom to two boys, am totally offended as all SAHM’s should be! Ann Romney raised 5 children, and these creeps have the NERVE to say she’s never worked a day in her life!  I guess raising children is a walk in the park, especially for people who are well off.  I mean, parenting magically becomes SIMPLE if you’re rich right?  Obama doesn’t care about women, he cares about FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMING AMERICA, by dividing us not uniting us.  He wants to pit Americans against each other by claiming that the right are anti women, racist, anti earth, and intolerant. Funny thing I have come to realize about this administration and his cohorts, they are guilty of the VERY things they accuse others of being!

2 comments on “Democrats War on Moms: “She Has Never Worked A Day in Her Life”??? Ann Romney Raised 5 Kids.. I Guess That Was Someone Elses Job?

  1. Let me just say, being a Stay at Home Mom of two boys has been THE hardest job I have EVER Done…and I’ve worked a full time office job, a daycare job with 30+children, and I worked with my husband in our painting business for 3 years straight which was physically tiring. When I became a mother of two boys who are 18 months a part, I realized my job was THE most important and HARDEST job I’ve ever had. Obama and his a-hole administration, staff, followers etc…they can all SUCK IT!

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