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Breitbart Is Here….Support OUR Candidate! #WAR

I don’t care who our candidate is You want a unity speech? I’ll give you a unity speech. I don’t care who our candidate is. I haven’t since the beginning of this… ask not what the candidate can do for you, ask what you can do for the candidate! And that’s what the Tea Party […]

First lady shares ‘fantasy’ of just walking ‘out the front door’ – The Hill’s Video

How strange, because I have a similar recurring dream ( I won’t call it a fantasy), that she and her family walk out the door of the White House, get in their car (yes their car, not our car) and drive straight to Chicago, or to the nearest airport and fly to Hawaii…never to return […]


Andrew, you are GREATLY missed! Andrew Breitbart was my first conservative friend on facebook when I decided to become an activist for America’s restoration.  He got me so pumped up and ready to fight the battle against the liberal/progressive drones that I deal with here in Commiefornia.  Breitbart might have left earth, but he is […]

Sister of Hate Crime Victim, Matthew Owens, Exclusive Interview with The Daily Caller

Can we turn the tables for just a moment and hypothetically ask how would Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, OBAMA, HOLDER and the entire leftard media would react if 20 white people beat a black man to a pulp? Yeah, we have a pretty good idea how that would turn out! Oh there would be calls […]

Obama-Tied Radical Groups Ratchet Up Pressure On Banks To Forgive Late Mortgages –

Subprime Scandal: The radicals who caused the mortgage crisis by shaking down banks for risky loans now demand they forgive those loans. Bankers must fight this theft. It won’t be easy. The radicals have launched a coordinated attack against them on three fronts: corporate shareholder meetings, the courts and Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s conservator. […]

Originally posted on AmeriKim Patriot:
Breitbart News has discovered previously unknown handwritten notes from Elena Kagan to radical professor Derrick Bell, sent to Bell as Kagan worked on his seminal 1985 article on Critical Race Theory in the Harvard Law Review (99 Harv. L. Rev. 4). The notes, which were not among materials presented to…

What ‘Gutsy Call’?: CIA Memo Reveals Admiral Controlled bin Laden Mission

Ahh…so you mean this is yet another of Obama’s “Let me be clear” moments?  Boy, that Obama..he sure has a big stick! Only the memo doesn’t show a gutsy call. It doesn’t show a president willing to take the blame for a mission gone wrong. It shows a CYA maneuver by the White House. The […]

Originally posted on AmeriKim Patriot:
Update: Sarah Palin chimes in… “The Obama Administration is working on regulations that would prevent children from working on our own family farms. This is more overreach of the federal government with many negative consequences. And if you think the government’s new regs will stop at family farms, think again.…

Outrage as Egypt plans ‘farewell intercourse law’ so husbands can have sex with dead wives up to six hours AFTER their death | Mail Online

And if a “Man” accidentally fornicates with the wrong wife, will they kill her? Oh wait….. No joke, this is SICK!                             Egyptian husbands will soon be legally allowed to have sex with their dead wives – for up to six hours […]