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First lady shares ‘fantasy’ of just walking ‘out the front door’ – The Hill’s Video

How strange, because I have a similar recurring dream ( I won’t call it a fantasy), that she and her family walk out the door of the White House, get in their car (yes their car, not our car) and drive straight to Chicago, or to the nearest airport and fly to Hawaii…never to return to DC.  NO need to be sneaky silly Michelle, it will be our pleasure to see you off!

It’s hard to sneak out of the White House, especially if you’re the first lady, Michelle Obama told a room full of children Thursday during the White House’s “take our sons and daughters to work day.”

“We can’t sneak out often on our own with security and motorcades and people with us,” Obama said when asked about what she would change about her role as first lady. “But you know one fantasy I have — and the Secret Service keeps looking at me because they think I might actually do it — is to walk right out the front door and just keep walkin’.

via First lady shares ‘fantasy’ of just walking ‘out the front door’ – The Hill’s Video.

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