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Answer to Whatthef* …..

The left has what they think, is some brilliant, ingenuous website called What The F*ck Has Obama Done So Far.  Nice try, but when you look at this madness, everything Obama & Co. has ‘Done’ which the left claims as hopey, changey progress…everything is not so Kumbaya! This is more like it:

Obama Goes On Collectivist Rant During Speech To Troops…

“. . . Each of us is only here because somebody looked out for us. Not just our parents, but our neighbors and our communities and our houses of worship and our VFW halls. Because we had a country that was willing to invest in things like community colleges and universities and scientific research and […]

Truth or Smear Team? The President Has a List – If you Donate to Romney You Will Publicly Be Smeared!

Unreal: Obama Singles Out Private Citizens By Name For Donating To Romney, Accuses Them Of “Betting Against America”… Try this thought experiment: You decide to donate money to Mitt Romney. You want change in the Oval Office, so you engage in your democratic right to send a check. Several days later, President Barack Obama, the […]

Breitbart Is Here….Support OUR Candidate! #WAR

I don’t care who our candidate is You want a unity speech? I’ll give you a unity speech. I don’t care who our candidate is. I haven’t since the beginning of this… ask not what the candidate can do for you, ask what you can do for the candidate! And that’s what the Tea Party […]

First lady shares ‘fantasy’ of just walking ‘out the front door’ – The Hill’s Video

How strange, because I have a similar recurring dream ( I won’t call it a fantasy), that she and her family walk out the door of the White House, get in their car (yes their car, not our car) and drive straight to Chicago, or to the nearest airport and fly to Hawaii…never to return […]


Andrew, you are GREATLY missed! Andrew Breitbart was my first conservative friend on facebook when I decided to become an activist for America’s restoration.  He got me so pumped up and ready to fight the battle against the liberal/progressive drones that I deal with here in Commiefornia.  Breitbart might have left earth, but he is […]