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AWESOME READ! We The People vs Obama-The National Patriot

I don’t have the patience to sit and write all that Obama is and everything he has done..but Craig Andresen does a great job with this piece! Read and SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!!!


Excerpted from The National Patriot


It stands for the same thing regardless of the language.

Avante!, organ of the Portuguese Communist Party

Avanti!, organ of the Italian Socialist Party

Eteenpäin, Finnish-language newspaper in the United States

Új Előre (‘New Forward’), a Hungarian-language newspaper in the United States

Voorwaarts!, organ of the Communist Youth Movement (Netherlands)

Vorwärts, organ of the Social Democratic Party of Germany

Vorwärts!, published from Paris in 1844 and associated with the Communist League

We don’t know who he really is but we DO know WHAT he really is.

We don’t know where he came from but we DO know where he’s leading us.

We don’t know what he wrote in his college thesis but we DO know what he writes in his Executive Orders.

We don’t know who paid for his college education but we DO know he wants US to pay more.

We know he cares more for Hamas and the Palestinian Authority than he care for Israel.

We know that he wanted a dictator out of Egypt so he could be replaced by the Muslim Brotherhood.

He has his own law enforcement arm which supplied weapons to Mexican drug cartels.

He swore to uphold and defend our Constitution and both he and the head of his law enforcement arm have subverted it.

We know he stands FOR illegal immigration and AGAINST individual states that want to enforce federal immigration law.

We know he takes credit for what others have done and assesses blame to others for what he has done.

He told us he would cut the deficit in half and he’s added more to it than any president in our history.

Read More Here: thenationalpatriot.com » Blog Archive » We The People vs Obama.

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