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New Media Win: Occupy ‘Drum Scum’ Arrested

Remember…Obama supports these protesters. Pelosi blesses them, saying, “God bless them … it’s young, it’s spontaneous, it’s focused and it’s going to be effective.”   No Nan, they are IMPULSIVE ANIMALS.  Oh and @AlecBaldwin thinks its “good”. Excerpt from Breitbart: Early Wednesday morning Breitbart News posted a video of an Occupy protester in LA smashing a […]

For just $.60 a Day, You can be an Occupy Angel! Adopt an Occutard Today!

H/T Jawa Report

I Triple Dog Dare ANYONE to ask a Tea Party Patriot What Their Sign Means…..

I GUARANTEE that you will get a well informed, passionate and accurate response!!!! May Day protestors in Chicago’s Union Park were asked what their sign meant and what their cause was, and they just couldn’t answer!  Hmmm..I wonder who’s paying for them to stand around with those signs? Story Here