Romney Leads Mr. Polish Death Camps In New Rasmussen Poll

48% Agree With Romney on Issues, 46% Say Same of Obama

Of course any poll that swings in Romney’s favor is skewed, biased, non credible (Rasmussen Poll is non-partisan btw).  Any poll that favors Obama is of course credible…..

2 comments on “Romney Leads Mr. Polish Death Camps In New Rasmussen Poll

  1. Oh what a difference one week makes:
    1. Romney now slipping, Obama gaining, in the polls.
    2. ObamaCare Ruling is particularly problematic for Romney.
    3. ObamaCare Ruling plays particularly to Palin’s strengths.
    (Romney/Palin ’12 or else Romney’s going down to defeat)

  2. 1.Polls Schmolls…polls are meaningful only to those who believe in them.
    Polls are certainly not an indicator of who is going to win the presidency for if that was the case, Carter would have beaten Reagan.
    2.Obamacare was ruled a TAX, exactly what Obama repeatedly said it was not, and how can 21 new taxes help someone win the presidency? Let alone that someone who presides over a stagnant economy, highest gas prices, highest foreclosures, highest unemployment, & someone who lies to the American Public over and over again?
    3.I agree about Palin and her strengths, and I’ll gladly back a Romney/Palin ticket. I’ll gladly back a Romney/West, Romney/Paul (Rand), Romney/Ryan…whoever he picks as long as he/she is conservative!

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