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I’m Happy to Be A Part of Blogs4Mitt! Chicago News Bench: “Blogs4Mitt” Unites Anti-Obama Bloggers May 4, 2012 – Our friend Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D., blogmaster of The Jawa Report, an influential conservative blog, has put the long and sometimes ugly Republican primary slog behind him. Looking forward, he has created another blog site specifically to promote the election of Mitt Romney. Although he is not yet the official nominee […]

Romney Fights Back with New Ad: Obama ‘Lied’ on Outsourcing Attacks

The Romney campaign has just released a new television advertisement, “No Evidence,” in which it flatly accuses President Barack Obama of having “lied” in his campaign’s attacks on Mitt Romney for “outsourcing” jobs to foreign countries. The television ad points out the fact that Obama’s claim has been debunked by the Washington Post and–and […]

Romney: Day One. Job One. Reapeal Obamacare

Bwahahahahaha…Obama Campaign: Romney A Liar, Potential Criminal

One needn’t look far in order to find the real criminals, racists, intolerant, hateful, anti-American crowd…just take a look at those who are spewing the lies & hate and there you have them! Really, this is gettingĀ  funny. The next 4 months are going to be pure entertainment! Seriously though, you’d have to be an […]