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Today’s winner  of  the “Ignoramus of the Day” award goes out to “Questionman”.  Congratulations! Whoever thought someone could & would win an award for being a Belligerent Fool? Well, YES YOU CAN…and YES YOU DID win this undistinguished title for your nonsensical, racist, hateful, rabid and grammatically challenged rant on my blog post ” Questionman […]

Originally posted on blogs4mitt:
In only nine months, President Obama’s government has spent nearly $1 trillion more than it took in: The U.S. budget deficit grew by nearly $60 billion in June, remaining on track to exceed $1 trillion for the fourth straight year. Through the first nine months of the budget year, the federal deficit totaled $904.2…

Just What We Need…Another Story! NO THANKS! Obama: My Biggest Mistake Was Not ‘Telling a Story’ (Updated) | The Weekly Standard

HA! Just what we need right? Another story! Well wake up! The American People don’t want a STORY!! We want someone with a PLAN to get AMERICA BACK TO WORK while HANDS OFF OUR LIBERTIES!! Not someone who insists on LYING TO US TIME AND AGAIN and blowing our money on a Marxist agenda to […]