Today’s winner  of  the “Ignoramus of the Day” award goes out to “Questionman”.  Congratulations! Whoever thought someone could & would win an award for being a Belligerent Fool? Well, YES YOU CAN…and YES YOU DID win this undistinguished title for your nonsensical, racist, hateful, rabid and grammatically challenged rant on my blog post

Questionman July 13, 2012 at 1:58 pm Edit Reply

I was right. It’s 2012, the chance to get rid of the one thing Cancervatives hate more. A black man as President. They don’t hide they’re racism anymore! proof is in the pudding! You slimeballs should stop calling youselves patriots. you racist, bigoted, homopohibic asshole are, weren’t, and never were and example of that word. you resemebale the Ku Klux Klan of years ago!

I’m sick and tired of you assholes calling the President a fraud! Anyone who calls Obama a fraud is a racist!
No doubt about that. all these racists, go fuck youself, you shit-sipping slimeballs. You are you assholes to play holier than thou? for the past three years you klansmans have done nothing but character Assassinated the President. You lied about his birth certificate, his religion, his family, his sexuality, etc. and you have the galls to call him a liar, yet you believe him when he saids he eats dogs and smokes weed!

Calling the POTUS a POS and a fraud seems to the the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you!
It’s obvious you have NO faith Romney because he chooses the high road, so his black-hating supporters resort to fear-mongering lies and smears, which is ALL they have left!

obama is not a traitor nor a disgrace. he is not Communist, socialist, or marxist. he does not hate america. he is not racist. he is not muslim actually he is Christian. Obama does not have full control on our country, he is not a dictator.

Anyone who calls Obama a fraud and a POS is without doubt a disgusting racist, bigoted scum, and That’s a fact.

You people are sick. Calling Obama evil because he doesn’t think or look like you. Bush doesn’t think or look like me, But never have I thought of him as evil!

There isn’t a single sane, intelligent, rational, or reasonable person on earth who believes President Obama is gay, or that he’s a Muslim, or that he hasn’t provided his legitimate, valid, authentic, signed, sealed, and authentic birth certificate. Those jackasses are nothing but clueless, useless, worthless, and gutless lying pieces of teabagging shit. that hate having a black man as President! They are all that is wrong with America and their views don’t represent the majority of America, or even the majority of the Republican party”

Congrats and keep up the great work in solidifying conservative views that people like you are USEFUL IDIOTS for the leftist cause!  Bravo!

Don’t fret…there IS HOPE…follow this link (if it’s too hard for you to understand try this link) and then sign up here at this link and read with an open mind. Perhaps one day you will grasp what it feels like to not be angry at others, but accept the fact that you have been HAD, HOODWINKED, BRAINWASHED by your “Leaders” who are hellbent on keeping you angry, and pointing your sad finger of blame.  One day you will realize that YOU make your future, NOT politicians wishing to keep you in that pit of misery and divisiveness.  Rise above the hate…LIBERATE your mind!

5 comments on “IGNORAMUS of The Day!

  1. Up yours, Hatriot! You’re no Patriot. You’re a liar, and idiot, a racist, and an illiterate one at that! You don’t even know what the word racist means, or how to spell, etc. so character Assassination is all you slimeballs have left!

    He is not of America, he is un-American, he is anti-American, he hates America …

    The evidence? Obama saved our auto industry, expanded healthcare access, and wants the ultra-wealthy to pay about 50 percent less in marginal taxes than they did under the Eisenhower administration.

    Would any of today’s right-wing squalor have been beneath Joe McCarthy? Certainly not, although at least the heroic tail-gunner required a few blasts of bourbon and branch water before achieving maximum lunacy, whereas the contemporary right appears gleefully capable of abject unhingement, stone sober. And, as noted, they all sing in unison, and their noise is inescapable.

    No,you the ignorant ass and more important, you should be seeking professional help.

    There is something seriously wrong mentally with anyone who would come onto a public forum such as answers.com sounding like a raving madman.

    • “There is something seriously wrong mentally with anyone who would come onto a public forum such as answers.com sounding like a raving madman.”

      This is my blog you numbskull, this is not answers.com…and who needs help? LMAO Do yourself a favor…click on the first link on this blog post, better yet, I’ll provide it again here. http://www.usconstitution.net/const.html Read it, understand it, and fight for it. I’ll pray for you.

  2. Why don’t you stick with the issues instead of injecting your hateful accusations of racism and hate. If I am racist, how do you come to this conclusion when you don’t even know me, and how do you draw this conclusion from my blog postings?? Oh and accusations that I am a liar? How so? Please enlighten me, and the others out there (which are in the millions) who have done their homework and can see Obama and the democrats (and yes some republicans) for what they are! Please refer to my illiteracy and misspellings?? Are you going to fixate on a possible typo here and there yet totally disregard the substance and truth behind my postings? How convenient of you to call me illiterate when you yourself post nothing but inane, incompetent and nonsensical blabber? Seriously, who is in need of help when all you can do is hurl vile racial accusations which are blatantly FALSE and UNFOUNDED, instead of providing facts to back your idiotic claims?? You have no facts to back up your claims because you sir, are LIAR! Obama saved the auto industry? How so? How is imposing 21 new taxes to force Americans into a disastrous healthcare takeover (by the government which cannot run anything anywhere but into the ground), a good thing? How are we taxpayers going to survive being taxed into oblivion? Where is all this money to pay for this wonderful “Healthcare for All”???? Who will pay? Hey, you fool, the top wage earners pay the bulk of taxes..it is the FREELOADERS who need to pay!!!

    Don’t even get me started on the stagnant economy, the mortgage crisis, record foreclosures, gas prices, record unemployment, record food stamp usage, NON TRANSPARENCY that Obama promised to be the “Most Transparent Administration” blah blah blah. Yes, don’t get me started on all our tax dollars that Obama threw at “Green Energy”, those companies that got BILLIONS and then turned around and went BANKRUPT. Oh no big deal, it wasn’t the Government’s money, it’s OUR MONEY!!! Yes, don’t get me started on Fast and Furious, and the stonewalling going on by Eric Holder and Obama!!! Let’s not forget about Obama suing Arizona for trying to protect their borders and keep the murderous drug cartels OUT! You sir ARE and IGNORAMUS! Keep up the great work…you and your ilk are reigniting the brushfires…and conservatives will take back our nation from the grasp of tyranny!

  3. As I suspected…you are just a wee little miserable troll. Your pathetic party cannot run on their record, so the only thing you all can do is play that old, tired & worn out race card. It’s NOT GOING TO WORK, and in the process you make yourself look like a HATE MONGER! The true racists are the very one’s hurling the accusations! One doesn’t have to look far to know who the real racists are. Wake up!! Obama’s skin color has nothing to do with why I loathe him. I loathe his POLICIES and his arrogant, blatant and unabashed disregard for the US Constitution and what Americans want!…once again I am telling you this, but you REFUSE to grasp the concept that people don’t like being taxed to death, their liberties stripped, and being dictated to. Obama DOES act like a dictator, bypassing congress left and right…completely ignoring the Constitution ruling by executive fiat! But alas, It’s the economy stupid…Obama’s policies are not what promotes prosperity, if so we would have a recovering economy and low unemployment. He said himself, that if he doesn’t fix the economy he will be a one term president. That’s about the most truthful statement he has uttered in his entire presidency thus far!!!

  4. I’m surprised questionman would even know who McCarthy is, let alone what he did, must be a wiki reference, lol. Questionman, maybe your name should be obtuseman, do you really believe what you typed? it wouldn’t surprise me if you’re fairly intelligent, but you’re just a post and run troll poser who won’t actually discuss current events, you might want to consider articulating facts instead of appearing as someone who’s been into the mushrooms again.


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