Just What We Need…Another Story! NO THANKS! Obama: My Biggest Mistake Was Not ‘Telling a Story’ (Updated) | The Weekly Standard

HA! Just what we need right? Another story! Well wake up! The American People don’t want a STORY!! We want someone with a PLAN to get AMERICA BACK TO WORK while HANDS OFF OUR LIBERTIES!! Not someone who insists on LYING TO US TIME AND AGAIN and blowing our money on a Marxist agenda to destroy our American Dreams, our American Traditions, our American Livelihood!!!

What a pompous LIAR!  We have every right to be indignant over his LIES! His whole life is a manufactured LIE! His autobiographies are “Composites”…LIES. We know that we know little about his covered up birth, his covered up college years, his covered up love life and everything he does as POTUS has been behind closed doors…LIES. So cut the crap Obullshitter!

“When I think about what we’ve done well and what we haven’t done well,” the president said, “the mistake of my first term – couple of years – was thinking that this job was just about getting the policy right. And that’s important. But the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the American people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism, especially during tough times.”

via Obama: My Biggest Mistake Was Not ‘Telling a Story’ (Updated) | The Weekly Standard.

16 comments on “Just What We Need…Another Story! NO THANKS! Obama: My Biggest Mistake Was Not ‘Telling a Story’ (Updated) | The Weekly Standard

  1. I was right. It’s 2012, the chance to get rid of the one thing Cancervatives hate more. A black man as President. They don’t hide they’re racism anymore! proof is in the pudding! You slimeballs should stop calling youselves patriots. you racist, bigoted, homopohibic asshole are, weren’t, and never were and example of that word. you resemebale the Ku Klux Klan of years ago!

    I’m sick and tired of you assholes calling the President a fraud! Anyone who calls Obama a fraud is a racist!
    No doubt about that. all these racists, go fuck youself, you shit-sipping slimeballs. You are you assholes to play holier than thou? for the past three years you klansmans have done nothing but character Assassinated the President. You lied about his birth certificate, his religion, his family, his sexuality, etc. and you have the galls to call him a liar, yet you believe him when he saids he eats dogs and smokes weed!

    Calling the POTUS a POS and a fraud seems to the the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you!
    It’s obvious you have NO faith Romney because he chooses the high road, so his black-hating supporters resort to fear-mongering lies and smears, which is ALL they have left!

    obama is not a traitor nor a disgrace. he is not Communist, socialist, or marxist. he does not hate america. he is not racist. he is not muslim actually he is Christian. Obama does not have full control on our country, he is not a dictator.

    Anyone who calls Obama a fraud and a POS is without doubt a disgusting racist, bigoted scum, and That’s a fact.

    You people are sick. Calling Obama evil because he doesn’t think or look like you. Bush doesn’t think or look like me, But never have I thought of him as evil!

    There isn’t a single sane, intelligent, rational, or reasonable person on earth who believes President Obama is gay, or that he’s a Muslim, or that he hasn’t provided his legitimate, valid, authentic, signed, sealed, and authentic birth certificate. Those jackasses are nothing but clueless, useless, worthless, and gutless lying pieces of teabagging shit. that hate having a black man as President! They are all that is wrong with America and their views don’t represent the majority of America, or even the majority of the Republican party

    • Wow,
      That first comment was just chock-full of tolerance and love. How someone could say all that and still claim some moral superiority is beyond me. Besides, for ANYONE from the Left to say anything about what and how the Right characterizes Obama, after the eight years of vile hatred they spewed daily at Bush is hypocrisy of the highest order.
      All I have to say is, its our opinions, expressed on our forums. If you don’t like what you read, close your eyes, close the page you’re on, and read something on HuffPo or DailyKos, or whatever it is that spews the liberal gobbledegook that you seem to prefer.

    • Why so quiet Questionman? Why not come back and respond to all who have taken the time to reply to your inane ramblings?

  2. Thanks for the peace, love & tolerance. You only prove to myself and every other person who’s reading, how vile and hateful you and your ilk are! You have nothing but hate, and if you read between the lines, my friends and I…black, white, asian, hispanic, what have you….we are for peace, love, prosperity & FREEDOM FOR ALL. So you just keep on electing those creeps who wish to keep you miserable, angry and feeling entitled to other people’s money, and my friends and I will keep being our patriotic, God fearing, country loving, FREEDOM LOVING selves!

    Get a clue would ya? Turn off MSNBC, CBS, ABC…turn off the TV. Google the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence…Heck, I’ve provided links for imbeciles like YOU to do your homework and learn a thing or two about the ILLS OF SOCIALISM vs the REWARDS of a FREE MARKET SOCIETY. Every state in our unioin who is failing misreably has a liberal at the helm, and every state that is prospering has a REPUBLICAN! So pull your little head out of the sand, stop with the HATE and arm yourself with the FACTS!! Your president Obama is a MISERABLE FAILURE just like the rest of the DIMOCRAT party…the Pelosi’s the Reeds, the Biden’s and all their little race peddlers, The Sharptons, Jacksons, et al. Stop with the racist BULLSHIT already, it’s gotten OLD and quite frankly a nagging little bitch! Thanks, and have a great day!

  3. LMAOOOOOOO @ “Questionman”… Yeah, I’m such a bigot that I’m behind a Condi Rice for VP ticket 110%. I’m SUCH a bigot that I would be THRILLED to have Allen West or Herman Cain for President. You, however, have PROVEN to be a complete idiot. Congratulations! (great response AmeriKim!)

  4. Questionman….apparently he hasn’t bothered to come back around. I guess it might be easier to take him a little more seriously if he could spell, construct a logical sentence, dispense with the name-calling and offer a little more of an argument. Oh wait (head smack) sorry, I guess I was asking a little much. And the racist name-calling is getting a little old.Think of a new schtick, dud, er dude.

  5. Oh and a few more things “Questionman”….whoever the heck you are, hiding behind your disingenuous alias, you ask NO questions as your alias assumes, but sure hurl a bunch of unfounded vicious accusations of RAAAAAAACISM, Hatred and a ship load of vile & foul epithets…which are untruths. I speak for myself here and say with 100% honesty, that it is not Obama’s ethnic makeup that I loathe, but his POLICIES. I know that is hard for you to grasp, but really…for the sake of your SANITY…please grasp the truth, please grasp REALITY. Obama has done NOTHING for the black community…it is HE that you should be angry with, not WE THE PEOPLE who are trying to restore sanity and prosperity for ALL!

  6. Yes, Questionman errr….”Hit & Run” as I will dub him/her is pretty ignorant and most likely cannot conjure up a semi intelligent response that isn’t rife with the same ole clap trap…racist this racist that, blah blah blah. Hey Questionman…here’s a TRUE STORY FOR YOU!!
    Obama want’s to tell us another story huh? Well I have one, and it’s TRUE..it goes like this:

    It is present day, and we have a president who thinks he is some kind of GOD. This is a man with a shady, concealed past, who aligned himself with communist/marxist/racist groups with hateful and bigoted people , who did so to promote himself and push his way into our lives to control us. He loves himself so much, that he put himself and his ideology before We The People, the whole of the people he was elected to lead into a better tomorrow. Yet he had another plan…..

    He only speaks in first person: I, Me, My…and never about US. He takes what is ours and gives to those who do not want to work, all under the guise of “Fairness”. He steals our money under the guise of “Stimulus” and gives to companies that turn around and give him campaign donations. He forces upon us, 21 new taxes under the guise of AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE, which really is GOVERNMENT CONTROL OF OUR LIVES! Sounds fictional doesn’t it? Oh no…this is a very REAL, TRUE story! He keeps people angry by pitting people against each other. This ensures he and his minions receive their support in elections and furthering their anti-American agenda. His devious actions are purposeful in dividing the people by class, by race, by political party. He is succeeding in his stated goal to “Fundamentally Transform America” and is failing miserably to do what is right. How can he succeed in doing what is right, when it is not even a figment of his imagination? Doing what is right you ask? Well any patriotic American will tell you, what is right is outlined in our Constitution by all those brave men who DIED for our freedoms, who died creating the greatest FREE COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! Doing what is right by not spitting on the graves of those very men who died fighting to protect our Freedoms! Obama’s brainwashed followers do all that they can to deceitfully paint US as hateful, intolerant racists all because we want ALL our nation’s people to prosper, be happy, be INDEPENDENT, FREE and PROUD. We want our leaders to follow the Constitution, lead with pride in our nation and a desire to UNITE ALL of US. So, WE THE PEOPLE rallied together with a renewed sense of patriotism. WE, the Red, White and Blue Americans, all together with a common goal to restore America’s Greatness…our REPUBLIC. A wise man once said, “I know in my heart that man is good. That what is right will always eventually triumph. And there’s purpose and worth to each and every life.” (Name the author of that quote and I will proudly display your name on this blog post).

    We believe those words to be true, and we will not give up what is precious to us, to deceitful people with a plan to destroy what makes this nation so great! FREEDOM to be all we can be. FREEDOM to be successful and not be punished for it. FREEDOM to not have what we toil tirelessly for, taken from us and handed to those who wish to sit on their behinds with their hands out…never satisfied and always demanding MORE! FREEDOM to not be taxed excessively for things we do not believe in or want. We will not be robbed to fund their schemes, and we will not be weakened and give in their schemes to control us. These anti-American schemes only solidify us and ground us in our resolve to restore our Republic. The pride we have in our hearts is indestructible! We are dyed-in-the-wool, RED WHITE & BLUE Patriots who refuse to sit back and watch evil men strip us of our God Given Rights, Our Traditions, our Liberties… or our INDEPENDENCE. We will always have love and pride for our Republic, and we want leaders who RESPECT and ADHERE to our founding principles. We must defeat Obama and begin the steps to restore our Republic, but Obama is just one chapter in a story that never ends. There will always be people who wish to destroy US. We have enemies from far away lands, but most of our enemies reside within. This is a never-ending battle for our freedom. What we have, here and now, is the most destructive, most deceptive, most intolerant, most unabashedly hypocritical administration in our history.

  7. Mr. Questionman…..you are what’s wrong in this country. The DUMBING DOWN in public institutions has LET YOU DOWN! You have no ability to draw a LOGICAL concludion. Racist because we don’t like FRAUDS? What does RACE have to do with HONESTY? Absolutely NOTHING. What do YOU PEOPLE not get? We also DESPISE Harry Reid. He’s WHITE. We DESPISE Nancy Pelosi. She’s WHITE. We DESPISE Joe Biden. He’s WHITE. Should I go on? Do you need more examples to refute your idiotic conclusions.

    We welcome the likes of Thomas Sowell, Condeleeza Rice, Allen West…..ALL FINE AMERICANS WHO ALSO HAPPEN TO BE BLACK! Now….would you like to form a NEW ARGUMENT against us?

  8. @Questionman ~ Apples fall from apple trees. Lemons do not. Limes do not. Oranges do not. Bananas do not. Grapes do not. Are you following me here? A fruit tree will only bear the fruit of its seed. Obama is an ANTI-AMERICAN tree. He hates this country. So does his wife. Not because I SAY SO, but because THEY have said so by their words, actions, inactions, policies, participations, etc. EXAMPLE: Michelle SAID: “All this for a damn flag?” What would her or her husband know OR CARE about our country’s “damn flag?” NOTHING. She was “never proud of this country” until her husband was nominated for president. Why? Please tell me why ANY AMERICAN wouldn’t have reason to be proud of this GREAT NATION and its people, which have fought, bled and died for FREEDOM since our inception?

    Obama SAYS he’s not a socialist…so you believe him, without reviewing his policies and actions. You simply stare blindly at the screen and choose to yell RACIST…BIGOT…HATER. And on behalf of the public school systems which failed you, I apologize for their limited VOCABULARY CLASS, which you obviously attended. We’re so sorry they never helped you develop a more exhaustive list of insults to hurl at anyone who dares to disagree with a black person in this country.

    You seriously need to look at see WHO’S FATHER OR FAMILY MEMBER marched WITH the Civil Rights Activists for the freedom of blacks in this country. You won’t find BARACK HUSSEIN’S father listed, but you will find Mitt Romney’s father’s name listed.

    What say you about that? (Rhetorical question, only.) Here’s a link you can click to see what RHETORICAL means – http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/RHETORICAL?s=t

  9. WOW, I have no words…these responses are all spot on!! All I can say is that I’m very happy I’m on the same side as you guys! I’d hate to be a liberal with only the race card in my hand!! Here’s to November 6, 2012!! God Bless America!!!

  10. The question is, who really is Questionman and how much is Øbama paying him?

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