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Originally posted on The Life in Exile:
Barack Obama is NOT my President. There…I said it. Of course, to readers of this blog, it comes as no surprise and the title of this piece describes Mr. Obama, PERFECTLY! I’ve said all along, the Presidential campaign would eventually get pretty nasty. This week, you’ve seen the…

Some Great Sunday Funnies & Political Posters

Some Great Sunday Funnies & Political Posters

You may have seen these going viral on facebook, twitter and around the blogosphere… They all make perfect sense, to those with their heads screwed on straight!

Obama’s Advice to Himself..”If You Don’t Have a Record to Run on…Then You Paint Your Opponent As Someone People Should Run From”

What Else Can Obama Do? Run on his Abysmal Record? Obama Unloads Vicious Attack Ad: Romney ‘The Problem’ with America

After spending tens of millions of dollars on negative ads which have thus far only resulted in a close election remaining close, Team Obama has not only decided to double down on the nastiness but to push the very same outsourcing charges numerous media outlets have long ago declared untrue. via Obama Unloads Vicious Attack […]

Hypocrite Obama Took Cash From Bain Outsourcing Execs

Barack Obama’s campaign has been quick to rip Mitt Romney for his association with Bain Capital, which outsourced certain jobs during restructuring of companies. There’s only one problem: many of the very executives who were running Bain Capital during the 1999-2002 period now under media scrutiny donated to Obama’s presidential campaign. And Obama was more […]