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Great Opinion Piece!

The Life in Exile

Barack Obama is NOT my President. There…I said it. Of course, to readers of this blog, it comes as no surprise and the title of this piece describes Mr. Obama, PERFECTLY!

I’ve said all along, the Presidential campaign would eventually get pretty nasty. This week, you’ve seen the nasty side of Mr. Obama. His vindictiveness and callous disregard for the truth have never been more prevalent in his campaign’s attacks on Mitt Romney and his relationship with Bain Capital. President Obama has decided to shift into attack mode..attack mode enhanced with just how ugly a candidate for this office can be.

Personally, I don’t care about Gov. Romney and Bain. It’s ancient history. It is not the least bit reflective of what a Romney presidency would be like. But we are LIVING an Obama presidency! We are LIVING with record unemployment, a seemingly unending economic malaise, and ever growing numbers…

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