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It’s people like commenter ob my Facebook page that make me nervous for November and for this country:

Left side comment:

“Bla bla bla… read between the lines people!”

Right side comment:

“There is more to this. People that do not like him will hear what they want to hear. Everyone needs to read between the lines. That was not meant literally…. too many racist out there and they always use the Muslim card… I am tired of listening and reading this.”

Wow. We’ve got a triple bonus of scary here folks. We’re supposed to read between the lines in what Obama said, it’s not to be taken literally. Also, we’re racists and we’re playing the Muslim card. Uh, ok.  Dear useful idiot, exactly what are we supposed to be reading between the lines of Obama’s statements, pray tell? Please enlighten us or perhaps get a clue yourself.

FYI: The…

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