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Hollywood Hypocrites-Those Who Claim to be Loving & Tolerant Are Really Vile & Repugnant!

Folks, the liberals are coming absolutely UNHINGED.  They are stark, raving MAD & foaming at the mouth because their pal Obama is losing BIG TIME!  Obama’s record is so dismal, so pathetic that the only thing he and his dem’s can do is frantically point their fingers of blame, accuse Conservatives of preposterous charges (like […]

Eastwood Hurts Narcissist In Chief’s Feelings…

Eastwood Hurts Narcissist In Chief’s Feelings…

Clint Eastwood had a little “Chat” with Barack Obama (The Empty Suit President) last night at the RNC in Tampa. Clint reminded Obama that WE THE PEOPLE own this nation, and that Obama works for US, and we can fire him! He put Obama on notice! Clint did what the rest of Hollywood wouldn’t dare […]

Convention Film: Introduction To Mitt Romney