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Eastwood Hurts Narcissist In Chief’s Feelings…

Clint Eastwood had a little “Chat” with Barack Obama (The Empty Suit President) last night at the RNC in Tampa. Clint reminded Obama that WE THE PEOPLE own this nation, and that Obama works for US, and we can fire him! He put Obama on notice! Clint did what the rest of Hollywood wouldn’t dare dream to do, put him in his rightful place.  Obama didn’t like this very much, obviously, or why else would he behave like a child (no offense to any children out there who are acting their age), and take to Twitter (like his TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE friends in Hollywood do. UPDATE!!! Gotta add Adam Levine to Baracky’s list of LOVING & TOLERANT friends) tweeting a photo of  himself seated in a presidential chair saying, “This seat’s taken”?   So Obama felt it necessary to remind Clint what seat he’s sitting in.  Too bad while seated in the highest, most prestigious seat in the land,  he never lead like the real president’s who have been seated in that chair so many years before him.  Obama and his party of no-good-doers, have undone so much of what so many fought and lead to preserve… what makes this the GREATEST NATION ON EARTH!  Don’t fret though, a REAL president will take that seat..very soon. 

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