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Hollywood Hypocrites-Those Who Claim to be Loving & Tolerant Are Really Vile & Repugnant!

Folks, the liberals are coming absolutely UNHINGED.  They are stark, raving MAD & foaming at the mouth because their pal Obama is losing BIG TIME!  Obama’s record is so dismal, so pathetic that the only thing he and his dem’s can do is frantically point their fingers of blame, accuse Conservatives of preposterous charges (like Romney is a murderous felon to name one), and of course dribble all those ridiculous FANTASIES of “Racism”.  So his uber-loyal pals are taking to the Twitterverse, giving us all a show (how entertaining) of just how loving and tolerant they really are (NOT)!!!  Keep it up celebritards…stay classy!  While you all are spitting  your venom , we the hard working, America-the-Beautiful singing, Patriotic, Gun-Toting, Constitution Loving, God Fearing Americans will be busy voting O’Dumbo out of office. So go get your Xanax & Prozac Rx’s filled  now, you’re going to need them!   🙂  xoxo Kim Marie

Here’s a list of some of the compassionate, loving & tolerant liberals who have said such beautiful things towards Conservatives.   I’m sure with each passing minute they will be spewing their garbage, so this list will be updated. This is just the tip of the vitriolic iceberg! Thanks Twitchy Team!!

Jason Biggs-American Idiot

Cher-America The Beautiful Hater, and Hater of All Things Conservative

Samuel L. Jackson– GOP Hater

Ellen Barkin– Rabid, Drooling Lefturd who wishes all conservatives to drown in Hurricane Isaac!

Roseanne Barr– Roseanne BARF..up-chucker of vile, bile filled rants..She Hates Christians  and wishes them to get cancer.  It doesn’t get more loving than that!

Jean Not-So-Smart-Another Republican Hater

Adam Levine– Anti Mormon bigot. For the love of gawd, just Shut up & SING Adam!

Terry McMillan– Who?? She doesn’t like Patriotism

Bill Maher– Total misogynist dickbag who hates conservatives and obviously women!

I can go on and on, giving you example after example how anything BUT loving & tolerant many on the left are..but I do have a life and a family to tend to.  I’ll add more, as they will SURELY be tweeting their LITTLE hearts ( I was being generous) away.  Can you just imagine when it reaches fever pitch?  I can’t wait!

One comment on “Hollywood Hypocrites-Those Who Claim to be Loving & Tolerant Are Really Vile & Repugnant!

  1. […] Hollywood Hypocrites-Those Who Claim to be Loving & Tolerant Are Really Vile & Repugnant! […]

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