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Liar-in-Chief Revealed-Video Proof of Obama’s Empty Promises to Janesville, WI GM Plant

The leftists are the biggest hypocrites to walk the earth.  They lie through their teeth, even after they are caught ON RECORD making promises of grandeur…and the sad part is, people believed him then and they make up excuse after excuse for him today, regardless of the facts.  It is so maddening how the leftist media fails to report the truth and will go to great lengths to protect Obama and smear Romney & Ryan. They don’t have a record to run on and they have no plan to actually help America, so they must resort to their modus operandi…Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.   I sure hope more people are waking up to these frauds!

Here we have a video of Obama making a campaign promise that Paul Ryan spoke about at the RNC regarding the Janseville, WI GM plant that closed down in 2009.

This is what Paul Ryan said in his speech:

When he talked about change, many people liked the sound of it, especially in Janesville, where we were about to lose a major factory.

A lot of guys I went to high school with worked at that GM plant. Right there at that plant, candidate Obama said: ‘I believe that if our government is there to support you… this plant will be here for another hundred years.’ That’s what he said in 2008.

Well, as it turned out, that plant didn’t last another year. It is locked up and empty to this day. And that’s how it is in so many towns today, where the recovery that was promised is nowhere in sight.

Paul Ryan did NOT LIE! Everything Paul Ryan said in his speech is exactly what happened. Obama just wanted their votes and made empty promises he couldn’t keep, even after bailing out GM twice.

The leftists were scrambling to counter these devastating blows, grasping at straws trying to portray Ryan as a Liar.  The plant was due to close at the end of December in 08, but did in fact stay open  until April 2009 to fulfill orders.  That means…Obama and all his minions LIED..again. Oh, but It’s perfectly ok to lie, distort, manipulate, scheme, blame, deflect, and insult if you are a democrat.

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