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Aww Come On..He’s the Most Interesting Doofus in the World! No B.F.D. at the D.N.C.: Democrats Bump Biden From Primetime


Folks, I’ve asked this question countless times.  Why on earth would someone of Obama’s “Intellect” choose such a doofus as Joe Biden for his VP? I mean, we really must question the mental capacity of a president who chose a mumbling, bumbling, walking, gaffe machine for his running mate!  We also must question the mental capacity of the VOTERS who gave the job of POTUS to a man (empty chair) who chose Biden!  That about sums up the Dem Party.  Now, the Gaffetastic VP doesn’t get to introduce Obama at the DNC! Earth to stupid people…Biden is second in line to the presidency! I thought you all were pretty inept for voting Obama..then to have this buffoon still on the ticket after 4 years of foot-in-mouth disease flare ups… well, it explains a lot.  It explains why our country is not better off now than 4 years ago.

Democrats bumped their gaffe-prone Vice President, Joe Biden, from primetime on Thursday night to ensure he does not say anything that bigfoots President Barack Obama’s address to the Democratic National Convention.

In Biden’s stead, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL), the bland senator who will do no harm, will introduce Obama before one of the most important addresses of Obama’s career.

Biden, who is often undisciplined and frequently goes off his prepared script, caused a stir when he told a Virginia audience, half of which was black, that Republicans were “gonna put y’all back in chains.” And this move shows Democrats do not completely trust Biden to stick to his script, especially if he knows he has a national audience before him as he eyes a potential 2016 presidential run

Read More @Breitbart No B.F.D. at the D.N.C.: Democrats Bump Biden From Primetime.


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