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Campaigner-in-Chief Declines Netanyahu, Schedules Gig with David Letterman Instead…


What a day of disrespect! Unfricken REAL! First off, this morning Obama proved that he cares nothing about uniting and healing our country. Instead of paying tribute to the lives lost on 9-11,  he campaigned on twitter and facebook. THEN…To add insult to injury, he declined a meeting requested by Netanyahu.  Why?? Because he’s “Too busy”!!!  What’s more important than being a compassionate leader and showing respect & concern for our allies?  Here Israel is inching closer to war while surrounded by hostile nations who want them “Wiped off the map”, and Obama DECLINES an urgent meeting???  Folks, this is getting absolutely out of control.  I never in my wildest dreams thought we’d ever have a president so uncaring, so careless, so arrogant, so disrespectful and destructive that he would choose campaigning on David Letterman’s Late Night Show over meeting with one of our closest allies!  We see where Obama’s priorities are and where they are not.  Sad that so many morons support this a-hole! He has to go!

UPDATE: As if snubbing AMERICA and Israel weren’t enough, the Obama Administration wasted NO TIME appeasing the radical islamists in Libya & Egypt, APOLOGIZING to them for  our “Religious Insensitivity” because of a documentary that is critical of islam!!  SURE, it’s not insensitive to murder people time and again, thousands of innocents around the world in the name of Allah,  because they hate freedom and anyone who has different religious beliefs & values. Why should we bow down to their every command and be accommodating to their sensibilities when they HATE US??? How many times have they apologized for suicide bombing, murdering innocent Israeli citizens, our citizens, 0r our troops? HOw about all those beheadings and tortured victims? Why do leftists INSIST on bending over backwards to our enemies, yet show absolute disgust towards their  own country and fellow man?  After violence erupted in Cairo, Egypt at the US Embassy  and at the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya an  American Citizen was killed  at the hands of radical islamists, of all days, on 9-11-12.   Our US Embassy was ransacked and our flag burned, yet Obama, “President” of our country, bends over backwards and APOLOGIZES to appease our enemies!!!  We have nothing to apologize for! Here in America, there’s this lovely thing called FREEDOM OF SPEECH. To the radical islamists…GET THE HELL USED TO IT! I’m running out of things to say regarding this pathetic, limp wristed, pansy ass, poor excuse of a president.   He is an absolute disgrace!  Oh and he wastes NO TIME…IGNORING the death of an American and the Consulate in Libya attacked/burned.  Truly a pathetic piece of work.

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