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My exact thoughts!!! If the US made anti-islam video is responsible for violence erupting in the M.E. then why are they rioting in Germany & UK???

The Muslim Issue

Now wait a minute: we have been told by enemedia, that a poorly made B-movie made by a “Jew” in the U.S. and depicting ‘prophet’ Mohammed less than favorably,  is the cause for these riots. So why the attacks on German and U.K. embassies? They have nothing to do with the film.
Or, can it be what we always said all along: the real reason behind all of this is Islam and the regular hate doctrines inflaming Muslim youth to hate others. There is an incessant antagonistic hate against the West and the desire for the West to subdue to Islam – and the anger that it doesn’t. And the anger and frustration that a backward medieval doctrine is not leading the world but the world is lead by “pigs and dogs” who should be condemned according to the Koran.
Islam is a doctrine of hate and indoctrination, that…

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