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Praying for Our Nation. Praying for REAL Leadership!!!

I’m praying for our nation as we head into a very hostile election. Never before has our nation been this divided, and people so bitter, hateful and vengeful. We have one candidate that wants to unite, heal and restore greatness to America and another candidate who wants to blame, divide and fundamentally transform her. One candidate has a clear plan to get Americans back to work, and the other has no plan other than to continue on the same path we have been on for the past 4 years. One candidate has a proven track record of success, and the other candidate has a proven track record of failure. The choice is as clear as day. I pray that people choose for a brighter future and a united, prosperous country. I know I have made many people angry with my passionate posts, but I have felt so helpless just sitting on the sidelines watching our beloved country be transformed into exactly what our Founding Fathers warned us of…. what they fought, bled and died to be free of. Tyranny. Our brave men & women have fought through the ages to preserve our liberties that are now being stripped away. Both parties have been guilty of sidestepping and ignoring the Constitution, and it is up to We the People to hold our elected officials accountable. Obama, the Democrats and plenty of RINOS (Republican in Name Only) have failed our nation, and it is time to let them go. I will continue to be a voice for America, it is my duty as an American to inform my fellow man of what the so called “Journalists” fail to report. I pray that whoever wins, will take our nation down the right path, the path of Independence, Unity, Integrity, Resolve, Prosperity. I pray they respect & guarantee our right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness….EVERY life!!

Here is a wonderful prayer from “The Liberal Offender” on Facebook:

Father God, we thank you for the elders of this nation, the godly men and women that you spoke to and brought on the wind of your Spirit to plant a place where the cross might be lifted up, and the kingdom of Christ extended.

Lord God, we thank you that when you drew the boundaries of America, you appointed her citizens and you spoke over her to be a battleaxe in Your hand to defend Israel and to defeat Your enemies.

Oh God, we pray today in these critical hours in her history, that You would roar over our land. That you would clear the confusion, bind back the darkness, open the eyes of our nation, and raise up the righteous and pull down every wicked candidate, policy, agenda, plan, and ideology.

We pray for blessing and not cursing on America. We pray abundance and not poverty for our future. We pray liberty and not slavery to Marxism, socialism, debt, and fear. Lord, we pray for Your victory for America in our day. We pray for Your mighty warring angels to be loosed over every polling place, every precinct, every heart and mind that is going to vote.

Lord, give us leaders who will stand with Israel, stand for Your Judeo-Christian values, and stand for our children and children’s children’s prosperity and liberty. Father, we declare the turnaround is here, and we shout, “Let God Arise and let His enemies be scattered.”

Send revival Lord, and heal our land. In Jesus’ mighty name.

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