Interesting Read on the Natural Born Citizen Issue

Interesting Read on the Natural Born Citizen Issue

Hey..It’s Me…Kim Marie…

Hey..It’s Me…Kim Marie…

Well, It’s been a while since I have posted on my blog.  Here we are coming up on the 2012 election! So much has happened within the past   3 years, and I along with countless other Americans have been blogging our hearts out across the web, exposing the lies & assault that our nation has […]

American Civil War Reenactment 2010 @ El Dorado Park, Long Beach CA

American Civil War Reenactment 2010 @ El Dorado Park, Long Beach CA

What a great experience! We had lots of fun.  Enjoy the pics! Here is a youtube video of the Civil War Reenactment, at El Dorado Park last year http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCmnZdNhRnI

Better Late Than Never..Here’s the Yorba Linda Tax Day Tea Party Photos!

I attended the Tax Day Tea Party in Yorba Linda on April 15, 2010! It was my first Tea Party of many more to come. Living here in California, I often times feel disenchanted with our political majority being liberal, progressive, eco-nuts.  I feel I do not belong here, do not fit in, or not […]

Hello Friends!

This is my new blog page.  Well, not new exactly as I threw this together back in December.  I am going to be adding entries and photos as I embark on a new direction to aid in the restoration of our great nation.  I cannot just post on facebook, although it is absolutely amazing to […]


Rasmussen poll showing that just 34% of Americans feel that we should pass healthcare reform.  Clearly, the democratic senators do NOT care about the will of the voters. These senators think they know what’s best for we American Citizens, rather than we citizens ourselves.  They are ignoring our voices!  They do NOT CARE of the people […]

It’s a Harry Scary Rx-Mas!

It looks like the little, bottom dwelling elf and all his evil cohorts will get their way this Christmas Eve.  Say goodbye to the USA as we knew it, and hello to the USSA!