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Democrats Strategy to Win- Boo God and Shun Israel

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No to God & Israel…YES to Limited Free Speech (and a plethora of other ridiculous issues)!

So the majority of Democrats don’t want to talk about God or Israel at the DNC, but instead they want to talk about such mega important things like Amending the Constitution to limit free speech, war on women’s contraception, abortion, gay rights and GOP bashing.  Yes, instead of speaking to the people of the United […]

Planned Parenthood: ‘Sex, Politics, and Cocktails’ DNC Party

Planned Parenthood: ‘Sex, Politics, and Cocktails’ DNC Party

Planned Parenthood will hold an invitation-only “Sex, Politics, and Cocktails” party at the Privilege Day Club and Night Club on the first night of the Democratic National Convention Tuesday in Charlotte, North Carolina. The party will feature Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood’s president, in addition to members of Congress and candidates Planned Parenthood has endorsed. via […]