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Fact Checking Eastwood’s RNC Speech

Those Republicans are at it again. Here are just a few of the distortions, half-truths, and outright lies in the remarks actor Clint Eastwood made during the Republican National Convention last night. “I know what you are thinking. You are thinking, ‘what’s a movie tradesman doing out here?’” Mr. Eastwood did not, in fact, know […]

Tea Party Rallies for Romney in San Francisco

From PJ Media: The Tea Party is good at math, and there’s one very simple equation they’ve solved: – America will go bankrupt unless spending is reined in and the size of government is reduced; – Obama is charting the exact opposite financial course from what needs to happen; – Romney is going to be […]

Liberals Resent the Romneys – The Rush Limbaugh Show

Yep..Rush Nails it again.  Rush: But I think Mitt Romney and Ann Romney may be the stereotypes of everything Obama and people like him resent in this country, just the way they live, just who they are, I think they are highly resented. Now, this may not be a politically correct observation, but when you […]