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Planned Parenthood: ‘Sex, Politics, and Cocktails’ DNC Party

Planned Parenthood: ‘Sex, Politics, and Cocktails’ DNC Party

Planned Parenthood will hold an invitation-only “Sex, Politics, and Cocktails” party at the Privilege Day Club and Night Club on the first night of the Democratic National Convention Tuesday in Charlotte, North Carolina. The party will feature Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood’s president, in addition to members of Congress and candidates Planned Parenthood has endorsed. via […]

Video-Obama 2008 is Obama 2012…Same Promises of Failed Policies

Yeah yeah yeah. Same failed policies from an angry, bitter party clinging to the past.  We’ve heard it all before. You failed..you will be replaced. C-YA!

Poll: Romney-Ryan Leads In VA, OH, FL

A new poll of four critical swing states by Purple Strategies, taken after Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan as his running mate, shows Romney leading in three critical swing states — Virginia, Ohio, Florida. Romney trails Obama in the fourth — Colorado — that Purple Strategies polled. In Virginia and Ohio, Romney has gained ground […]