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Obama UBL Strategy: If Mission is a Success, I did it! If Mission Fails, It’s The Military’s Fault!!

Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey told Hannity tonight that the Obama Administration drafted a memo that would protect Obama if the raid that killed Usama bin Laden failed.  The General in charge of the mission would be blamed for a botched mission instead of Obama taking the heat.  Just like every other policy of Obama’s […]

EPA official apologizes for call to ‘crucify’ oil companies, senator investigating | Fox News

So does an apology mean he didn’t mean what he said? Does it make it all better that Obama has a bunch of radicals in his administration from top to bottom?  The “Apology” is laughable! It was kind of like how the Romans used to, you know, conquer villages in the Mediterranean,” he said. “They’d […]

A Look at Mitt Romney’s judicial picks as Governor of Massachusetts

In my first post, examining the record of judicial appointments by presidential candidates who served as Governor, I took a look at how Tim Pawlenty shifted the Minnesota Supreme Court to the right. In this post, I will examine the judicial record of former Massachusetts governor and front-runner for the Republican nomination, Mitt Romney. Romney’s […]

Chicago Public School Teachers Preaching Anti-Gun, Anti-NRA Propaganda

I’m not sure what’s more alarming, this teachers propaganda/indoctrination or the fact that this  grammatically-challenged teacher, is teaching???

Tea Party Rallies for Romney in San Francisco

From PJ Media: The Tea Party is good at math, and there’s one very simple equation they’ve solved: – America will go bankrupt unless spending is reined in and the size of government is reduced; – Obama is charting the exact opposite financial course from what needs to happen; – Romney is going to be […]

Obama Wants Romney’s Tax Returns All The Way Back to the 70’s…

Why is this important to show but not Obama’s college transcripts? How about a legitimate birth certificate that’s not a forgery? Los Angeles Times article here

Resistor in the Rockies: Happy Birthday to an Original Extremist

Resistor in the Rockies: Happy Birthday to an Original Extremist

Resistor in the Rockies. Thomas Jefferson April 13, 1743 “When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.” -Thomas Jefferson