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A Look at Mitt Romney’s judicial picks as Governor of Massachusetts

In my first post, examining the record of judicial appointments by presidential candidates who served as Governor, I took a look at how Tim Pawlenty shifted the Minnesota Supreme Court to the right. In this post, I will examine the judicial record of former Massachusetts governor and front-runner for the Republican nomination, Mitt Romney. Romney’s […]

Tea Party Rallies for Romney in San Francisco

From PJ Media: The Tea Party is good at math, and there’s one very simple equation they’ve solved: – America will go bankrupt unless spending is reined in and the size of government is reduced; – Obama is charting the exact opposite financial course from what needs to happen; – Romney is going to be […]

Obama Wants Romney’s Tax Returns All The Way Back to the 70’s…

Why is this important to show but not Obama’s college transcripts? How about a legitimate birth certificate that’s not a forgery? Los Angeles Times article here

Liberals Resent the Romneys – The Rush Limbaugh Show

Yep..Rush Nails it again.  Rush: But I think Mitt Romney and Ann Romney may be the stereotypes of everything Obama and people like him resent in this country, just the way they live, just who they are, I think they are highly resented. Now, this may not be a politically correct observation, but when you […]